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Top 3 SEO Elements That Actually Boost Traffic

Over the last few years, SEO has become a major priority for internet marketers. This is because the higher a business can rank on search engines like Google or Bing, the more traffic, which will hopefully lead to more leads and sales.

Nowadays, properly using SEO for your business is a tad bit more intense than just adding the right target keywords to your website. Here are a few very important SEO elements to focus on when optimizing your website.


The most essential element of implementing SEO is to include your target keywords in your title, header tags, body and meta descriptions. All of these pieces combined tell search engines what your pages are about and how relevant they are to what people are searching for.

Your goal should be to target long-tail keywords. By concentrating on long tail keywords, you have a greater chance of ranking on Google because fewer pages are focusing on those exact keywords.

Along with targeting keywords, you should also include the location of your business. If you haven’t yet claimed your business on Google My Business, search engines have no way of knowing your location, so if you want people to find your business locally, be sure to use city and region names.


Along with focusing on keywords, you need to ensure your website has high quality content. Although search engines can’t understand your posts, they can determine whether or not your content is worth reading.

Their first indicator is the length of your posts. You wanna be sure that when you create a post that they have content with substance. Rather than focusing on several short posts, you should aim to create content that will give your visitors substantial information.


Another ranking factor by search engines is the number of domains that link back to your website. These are called backlinks and is considered an indicator of how useful other websites think your content is.

You can get more backlinks to point to your site by implementing guest blogging. Not only will this create more backlinks, but it’s a way to get new visitors to your page and grow your monthly traffic.

This is just scratching the surface but is a good place to focus if you’re just beginning your journey into learning about content marketing to grow your business.


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