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Libsyn vs Blubrry

libsyn vs blubrry

Okay, so you think you’ve got it narrowed down to two podcast hosting providers, and now it’s a showdown of Libsyn vs Blubrry. Who wins when it comes down to the nitty-gritty?

At this point, everybody can create a podcast, but if you’re a small business especially, you need to have a podcast to help promote your brand.

If you don’t already know, a podcast is a digital publication that’s pretty similar to a radio broadcast. A podcast can be made as a video or audio format and can only be downloaded from the Internet.

Anyone all over the world can download your podcast, including on popular platforms like Spotify or iTunes.

So if you’ve thought about starting a podcast, you’ve probably asked a lot of questions like:

How Do you Host Your Podcast? And Why Is This Important?

To answer the first question, just know that hosting your podcast recording is very important because it allows users to access your content. In this situation, the role played by the host is very important, since it’s a tool that allows you to upload your digital content to the Internet.

To answer the second question, you should know that, hosting your recording in the best possible host is important because you can measure the quality of your content, and you will have the opportunity to improve all the necessary details in the post-production process. It’s a very useful tool, with which you’ll know how to detect what you need to improve in your podcast with.

In the world of podcasting, there are different tools which purpose is to offer host services for hosting digital recordings. However, two tools are very outstanding and very popular. In the rest of the article, you will find the main differences between Libsyn and Blubrry. You will get an idea about which of the two tools is best suited to your needs.

Blubrry Pricing and Storage

Among the services offered by Blubrry, there is the possibility of hosting digital recordings on the platform for 12 dollars a month, up to a maximum of 100 MB. The second service plan allows customers to host a maximum of 250 MB for $20 per month. The third plan, allows customers to host a maximum of 500 MB for $ 40 per month. The last service plan offers the opportunity to host up to 1 GB of content, for $80 per month.

Besides, through all service plans except the first, users will also be able to upload digital content in video format. The hosting of the content works through an integrated plug-in that is adapted to work with WordPress.

Blubrry Distribution Options

Through Blubrry, customers have the opportunity to distribute their digital content through recognized and popular platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

Blubrry Statistics

Blubrry provides tools for users to measure different statistics about the content they upload. Regardless of the type of service, all of them have tools to measure statistics in different sections. The measurement tools are certified by the IAB. This means that the tools comply with the rules required to measure podcast statistics.

Blubrry Profits

With Blubrry, users have the opportunity to make money from their publications. This is because the platform provides the opportunity for users to place ads on their content. Blubrry takes care of the logistics of this process.

Libsyn Price and Storage

Libsyn has 4 types of service plans. The first one consists of paying 5 dollars a month, and you can upload a maximum of 5 MB. In the second plan, users can pay 15 dollars per month for the possibility of uploading a maximum of 250 MB. In the third plan, users pay $20 per month to upload a maximum of 400 MB. In the last plan, users can upload a maximum of 800 MB for $40 per month.

Hosting is also possible through the Publisher Hub Plug-in, which is very similar to WordPress. This has the particularity that customers can link their content on other platforms and applications where they can interact with their listeners.

Libsyn Distribution Options

Customers will be able to integrate their digital content into platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts, among many others.

Libsyn Statistics

Through Libsyn’s tools, customers will be able to measure certain aspects of their digital content. However, the use of the statistics will only be possible for those users who purchase the second, third, and fourth service plan. Those who have the basic plan will have to pay an additional amount of 2 dollars to use basic measurement tools.

Libsyn Profits

With Libsyn, you can make a profit by streaming your content, through two options. The first is the traditional use of ads. With Libsyn, you can choose which ads you want to appear in your broadcasts. Libsyn also offers a PRO service for those big brands or celebrities who want to have more control over their advertising. As a second option, Libsyn offers the opportunity for customers to earn money through the payment of subscriptions.

Similarities Between Libsyn and Blubrry

Although both platforms are very different in terms of the price of their services and the space limits they offer, both have certain similarities that make them excellent options for developing a podcast. The main similarities are that both platforms have all the resources to start a podcast, no matter if you are an amateur or have years of experience in this world.

Also, with both platforms, you will not only have the opportunity to make a profit, but you will also have the opportunity to share your content on the most popular broadcast platforms in the market.

So Which One Should I Choose?

Blubrry offers better storage services and better metering resources. It is also easier to use and has a more modern user interface. But it’s a more expensive platform, compared to Libsyn.

Libsyn has more flexible plans and has the tools to get more audience and fans. This is because the platform has greater coverage and is a leader in over 130 countries around the world. But it’s a bit more complicated to use, and you have to pay additional prices to use other kinds of services. For this reason, to choose the best option between both platforms, it is imperative to accurately determine your needs and what you want to get for your podcast.


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