Understanding Instagram Marketing: A Quick Reference

What began as a photo-sharing smartphone app has grown into a comprehensive social networking platform.

Instagram has over 1 billion users, with over 60% of them using the app on a regular basis, making it the ideal platform for growing your audience and increasing brand exposure. In fact, 83% of Instagram users reported discovering new items or services through the app.

Do you want your brand to be seen by Instagram’s active user base? It’s simple to start!

To get started on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Instagram Business or Creator account. A Business or Creator account provides you with more insights, statistics, the option to advertise, and specific profile privileges (like contact info, hours, etc.).
  2. Optimize your profile. Work on ways to improve your profile so that users can quickly find you in the search engine and learn about your company by finding your profile.
      • Use a profile photo that is easily identifiable, like your company logo.

      • Make your username and name searchable.

      • Select the appropriate category for your company.

      • Create an interesting, descriptive bio.

      • Include a link to your website and contact details.

  3. Choose which hashtags to utilize for your postings. Hashtags aid in categorizing your content. Each post can contain up to 30 hashtags. Choose at least one pertinent hashtag to help people find your company.

  4. Familiarize yourself with the many kinds of Instagram posts. You can publish content and engage your audience on Instagram in a variety of ways:

      • Grid. Your grid displays photographs and videos from your profile. Your captions can be up to 2,200 characters long. Remember that the first two lines of your caption will show up before a “Read More” prompt. With this in mind, compose your opening two paragraphs to be intriguing or to generate curiosity.

      • Stories. Stories are pictures or movies that vanish after 24 hours unless you add them to your profile highlights. You can post more frequently. More behind the scenes action.

      • IGTV. Also known as “Instagram Video.” Vertical, longer-form videos can be posted to Instagram’s IGTV platform. These IGTV videos can also be shown on your grid and in your stories. These seem to be on the way out since Reels have been introduced, but are still useful for video content you want to showcase long-term.

      • Reels. Instagram Reels are vertical video segments that last 15-30 seconds and may be posted on your stories as well. These are an excellent approach to keep your present audience interested.

Then, you can create a schedule for what content to post on Instagram.

Examples of Instagram content to post:

  1. Behind-the-scenes. Share content that takes your audience behind the scenes of your business.

  2. Tutorial. Tutorials and how-tos help your visitors resolve specific issues they may have. Tutorials are excellent examples of targeted marketing since you know that prospects who visit a tutorial are looking for a solution to a specific problem.

  3. Affirmations. Compile shareable, motivational quotes that align with your company values and strike a chord with your audience. Put your company’s branding on quotation images you share on social media!

  4. Testimonials and Case Studies. Real-life stories can be used to educate followers about your product or service. You can demonstrate your understanding of client pain points by using real customer stories.

  5. User-Generated Content (UGC). Sharing posts from your followers (UGC) can be a terrific way to engage with those followers, create a relationship with them, and easily fill your content schedule!

  6. Video. You can post videos to Instagram in a number of ways, including Instagram Stories, 60-second grid videos, 15-30 second reels, and IGTV.

  7. Storytelling. This form of content communicates the story of your company. Despite the fact it’s a story, there should be a lesson here. Content that tells a story raises awareness and engages potential buyers.

By balancing different forms of material, you can achieve a number of objectives, including extending your outreach, interacting with your customers, and teaching them about your company.

In a nutshell, use pictures to humanize your business on Instagram.

There are lots of techniques to expand your audience and market on Instagram. It’s a dynamic platform that allows you to connect with viewers and humanize your business in different ways.

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