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You Can Thank Us Later: Hiring and Working With A Virtual Assistant In 2022

working with a virtual assistant a guide for todays business owners

One of the few industries that has benefited from the pandemic is virtual assistants. Remote work surged by great strides while restaurants and exercise studios closed their doors.

According to one survey, 70% of virtual assistants experienced a rise in incoming inquiries in 2020, and 45% said they increased their workload. According to labor statistics, the hiring of virtual assistants through offshore agencies rose by 41%, and several agencies increased their personnel to sustain growth.

You now have more possibilities than ever if you’re looking for remote support. However, you may require assistance in sorting through your options. Here are some rules for working with VAs in the modern era.

How to Hire a VA

  1. Contact an agency. Because hiring decisions can have a significant effect on your company, you may want to use an agency if you lack experience. They will find suitable candidates and interview for a price.
  2. Do it on your own. On the other extreme, handling the process yourself could save you some cash. Look through business magazines and websites for guidance on how to write a job advert, conduct an online interview, and verify references.
  3. Take advantage of online channels. Many virtual assistants use platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to market their services. You’ll have to sort through dozens of candidates, but you’ll be able to get help fast if you really need it.
  4. Look in your local neighborhood. Your next VA could be on the other side of the world or right next door. If you’re looking for someone close to home, use local job adverts and word of mouth.
  5. Plan ahead of time. Keep your future demands in mind when hiring. Look for applicants who can help you build your company by taking on extra responsibilities you may be able to offer them in the future.

Tips to Working with a Virtual Assistant

  1. When working with a virtual assistant, it’s important to set clear objectives. Miscommunication between coworkers who are in the same office can occur. consider what it’s like to work with somebody never having met them in person. Make a list of the tasks and goals that must be completed. Set boundaries on how much they can spend and how much information they can share.
  2. Keep a record of procedures. Routine responsibilities and difficult assignments can be explained through how-to manuals and video courses. To keep your library up to date, ask your virtual assistant to write down any new responsibilities.
  3. Invest money in tools like software. Collaboration can be simplified by technology. Look for document editing and project management software.
  4. Maintain a consistent communication schedule. When you don’t run into each other in the halls or the break room, keeping in contact may need a more deliberate plan of attack.
    At least once a week, schedule one-on-one conversations. Determine the most appropriate ways to contact you for both urgent and non-urgent concerns.
  5. Encourage others to ask questions. It’s possible that new hires will feel an obligation to seem proficient. Let them know that if they have any questions, you’re happy to answer them.
  6. Give them feedback. Growth and great performance require constructive feedback. Make sure your remarks are timely, specific, and actionable.
  7. Start small. Onboarding is necessary for virtual assistants too. If time permits, slowly introduce them to their new position and support them in connecting with the broader picture. Make their first assignment simple and easy for them to complete.
  8. Be considerate of their time. Perhaps your virtual assistant is only available on a limited basis, or you’re one of several clients. Plan for the time they will spend with you to make the most of your time together.
  9. Boost morale. Team chemistry has less to do with sharing a company address and more to do with the strength of your connection. Create a pleasant atmosphere and encourage two-way communication. Give your new worker a company email address and a coffee cup with your logo on it.

Your new VA could help you save time so you can focus on projects that best suit your skills. Choose an amazing individual for the position and help each other in succeeding to make your relationship enjoyable and fruitful.


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