Small Business Survival: Focusing On Your Customers

Behind every successful business are satisfied customers.

People who are happy with your food will come back; if they love your services, they’ll tell their friends about you.

If you want your business to survive, you have to be mindful of your clients and their expectations.

Before you begin implementing changes within your organization, consider how this might affect the customer experience, especially if you consider customer experience one of your competitive edges.

If you do decide to make changes that will affect your client, make sure you communicate this to them.

For example, if your vet office decides to increase your visit cost, send out a mass email to your existing clients so they won’t be surprised next time they bring in their pet.

If your barber shop wants to transition to reservations only, post this update to all of your social media channels and update your website.

The last thing a person wants is to be surprised in a way that’s going to disadvantage them. 

What is a lack of simple communication on your end could result in loss of trust on their end.

If it’s appropriate, you can be transparent with your clients about why you’ve decided to make the changes you have so they have the opportunity to sympathize instead of feeling inconvenienced.

During a global crisis, both small businesses and their clients are experiencing it together. People will remember the actions you take to manage their expectations and keep them happy. 

Just as easily, they’ll remember where they felt you dropped the ball, so communicating with them and taking extra steps will help offset the changes your business needs to make to weather the storm.

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