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4 Types of Google My Business Posts

4 types of gmb posts

Consider GMB Posts in the same way as you would think of Facebook posts.

Google provides yet another channel for prospective customers to learn more about your company. Maintaining an active Google presence and an omnichannel marketing strategy will organically boost your company’s local reach.

Where Can I Find Google My Business Posts?

These postings show up in the posts tab for mobile users as well as inside Google My Business listings.

Per Google, depending on different indicators, posts may also appear on Maps, Search, and the Overview page for listings.

What Kinds of Information Can Google My Business Posts Contain?

Text, images, and videos can all be included in Google My Business Posts.

Types of Posts

There are currently 4 kinds of posts:

  • What’s New?: These are posts that include general information that you wish to share with the public.
  • Event: If you are working on throwing an event, you could promote it using this post. These are ideal for events and restaurants, but schools could also benefit from this feature. These types of posts require:
    • Title
    • Start/End Times & Dates
    • Additional photos, videos, and the ability to create a Call to Action (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Offer: If you’re running a promotion, you could use this type of post to let others know. For instance, electricians or dentists might use these posts to highlight any deals or specials they may be offering.

  • Products: You can use these to draw attention to a certain item or service that your company is selling. A apparel business, for example, can promote a line of shoes they have, or a computer store could showcase computers that they recently brought into stock.

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