is there money in print on demand phone cases?

why sell print on demand phone cases?

Statistics show that there are today more smartphones than people on this planet. This is an indication there are tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to get in on the action and to benefit from the growing market of smartphone accessories.

One of the most sought after accessories is phone cases. They’re easy to get your hands on, and they’re popular because of the protection they provide their investments, and the concept of individuality and personality in a cell phone case.

types of phone cases

There are a wide variety of phone case brands in the industry, and some are actually very practical like the otterbox, but there are just as many phone cases that exist only for their visually appealing designs. 

A fair share of the available phone cases is primarily for the protection of the device while others are simply intended to make the phone look nicer. Back in the day, there used to be a handful of reputable brands, but with accessibility to mass production, you’d be amazed at how many options are available for entrepreneurs.

phone cases and providers

A wide variety of phone cases is available from selected providers, including some well-known ones like Printful, Printify, Gooten and Printaura.

All you have to is to upload your design, connect to the Printful online store, select all of the products you’re interested in selling, and then post them on your online store. Now, when an order is placed through your website, the order is sent automatically to Printful. The phone case gets printed, carefully packaged and then shipped to the customer.

Ahen this happens, you will receive both a notification and the tracking number. Pretty soon, your customer receives their order. Nevertheless, it is received in a package, which carries your brand.

print on demand benefits

The benefit is that it looks exactly as if the product has been shipped by your own company. This service is provided free of charge and there are no monthly fees.

With Printify, there is a selection of more than 250 different items to customize, including products like stickers, bags, shirts, home decor, hoodies, mugs, phone cases and many other items. 

It’s incredibly easy to get started because these print on demand providers are compatible with some of the most popular e-commerce platforms – and syncing happens automatically. 

As far as Gooten is concerned, there is a wide range of options, lots of products and the important thing is that there has a very effective system to make up each individual order which is received. The benefit is that it ensures better prices for your company and this will convert to satisfactory results for your customers. Gooten attempts to limit shipping costs, avoid unnecessary delays and it is easier to make quality decisions.

There is also Printaura, which has no minimum requirements as far as orders is concerned. This means your company has the option to purchase a single item or thousands of items with no price difference. Every order is printed whenever a request is made (because that’s the definition of “print-on-demand”). There are hundreds of different items to choose from in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and brands. orders will be processed in 3 to 5 business days, but when requested, it can also be done in 48 hours. Products can be shipped worldwide, and shipping prices starts at $5.50.

so can you make money with print on demand?

Like with anything, if you target your audience properly, you can dominate the print on demand phone case market.

Not only are the design choices endless, new phones are constantly being introduced to the market, meaning more opportunity for income.